• We behave towards our customers as well as they treat their own clients.

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  • We can work with large volume of job order. Our priorities are agility as for customer problems, the quality of products, meeting deadlines.

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  • We produce unique furniture, equipment, POS materials for custom orders.

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  • We are able to develop and produce everything is needed at your request. We create new technologies.

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  • Not your typical order? Contact us and we will help!

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About company

Production of trading environment

Fresh is a manufacturing company specializing on production of customized commercial and advertising equipment. We produce a full range of commercial equipment: window displays, boothes, shelves, open display stands, trading posts, space walls, reception desks, promo stands, brand – zones, island  cabinets. Furthermore, we produce the whole range of advertising products and POS materials: light boxes, advertising displays, promotional stands, 3D plastic and foam figures, letters, logos, stands for goods, promotional samples of products. In addition, we provide wide range of manufacturing services such as vacuum plastic molding, customized triplex, large -format printing, production of triplex with photo printing, UV- printing on glass, UV -printing on plastic, 3D foam plastic cutting, laser cutting of plastic.