Advertising products, services

Promotional production is one of the components to success in the advertising campaign.

Advertising products are the main product of increasing sales and demand for a product or service.

That is why, in addition to the production of commercial and advertising equipment, our company produces certain types of products in one way or another related to these areas of activity.

We provide services:

• Large-format printing;

• UV printing;

• Triplex glass manufacture;

• Vacuum plastic molding;

• 3D foam cutting.

The use of these technologies is very diverse, including finishing works (triplex with a printed customer’s logo) and design of premises (foam products), promotional activities (display logos, product mockup) and advertising (large-format printing).

Advertising products are the least expensive component of the entire advertising campaign, which helps to attract attention to your business.

Our own productions capacities allow us produce the necessary advertising products for you quickly. Thus, we promote the rapid promotion of your product or services to the market.

If you are our long-term customer and you need to place orders for subcontracting, due to the overload of your production, or if you receive orders that are not specific to your production we gladly offer our production facilities and services necessary for your client. We hope that our cooperation will be useful and beneficial for you.

We take care of your business!