Brand managers

We provide technical support in standardization of your retail outlet and elaboration of the technical issues of your company’s brand book.

We develop design documentation for your equipment and advertising medium, as well as we select the optimal assembly schemes and the types of materials for your product. If you need something that we don’t offer –we will make it happen. You name it-we make it.

We realize the importance of manufacturing test samples of the promotional structures, POS materials and commercial equipment, for this very reason, before launching items into the series, we provide a 30% discount on its production (except as tooling manufacturing, the cost of which exceeds the cost of samples, for example, press-mould tools, matrixes, etc.).

We work fast. It takes from 5 to 15 working days to elaborate the samples of items as to the customer’s sketches.

Manufacturing of furniture and advertising production allows us to create trade equipment that is not only functional for the display of goods but also it ensures promotion of corporate identity and increases loyalty to the company. You do not have to apply to different contractors and coordinate their work among themselves. You set a task –we do it.