About company

Production of trading environment

Fresh is a manufacturing company specializing on production of customized commercial and advertising equipment. We produce a full range of commercial equipment: window displays, boothes, shelves, open display stands, trading posts, space walls, reception desks, promo stands, brand – zones, island  cabinets. Furthermore, we produce the whole range of advertising products and POS materials: light boxes, advertising displays, promotional stands, 3D plastic and foam figures, letters, logos, stands for goods, promotional samples of products. In addition, we provide wide range of manufacturing services such as vacuum plastic molding, customized triplex, large -format printing, production of triplex with photo printing, UV- printing on glass, UV -printing on plastic, 3D foam plastic cutting, laser cutting of plastic.

We have been working since 2000.  Our production site occupies a total area of 6 000 sq.m. We have a park of modern equipment, and 140 competent specialists who are able to solve any case set by the client.

Production of furniture and promotional items help us to create trading equipment that combines the necessary functionality for the in-store display and at the same time be an attractive advertising medium for its promotion. We mastered and introduced different technological processes, which makes it possible to say that we are able to meet the needs of almost every client. Nowadays one of the most important projects is «a turn-key store”. This is a complex, but at the same time interesting work, which allows to run the project from start to finish and fully reveal the potential of our enterprise.

We value our reputation and appreciate our customers; we work for satisfying our clients’ requirements and hope to be a reliable partner for the development of your business.           


Installation of equipment at the point of sales will be carried out by our specialists in the shortest possible time (from 2 to 5 days). We have experience of working with companies of federal-scale; we guarantee you compliance with the deadlines and high quality performance of work anywhere in Russia. If necessary, we will organize the installation supervision.


For all products we provide a warranty period for up to 12 months. We appreciate and support our customers. At any time you can receive not only a consultation from our team of experts but also real help in solving issues related to the equipment handling.

Our achievements

So far, we have helped to open and run more than 1,000 retail outlets all over Russia. We set up both large retail outlets and island cabinets in shopping centers. Needless to say that all of the outlets were opened within a fixed timeframe.

Within one day we managed to organize simultaneous installation and maintenance of 16 different retail outlets in different regions of the country within one day.

Our advantages

  • We run turnkey shops. You do not have to waste your time searching for several contractors to create a design of a retail outlet, organize its repair, install anti-shop lifting, manufacture commercial equipment, produce promotional medium and POS materials, coordinate and monitor their work. We undertake the solution of all these tasks and control the entire production process.
  • We meet the agreed deadlines and understand the phrase “The deadline is yesterday”.
  • We are proud of a wide geography of our projects – we work together with companies of federal scale and make shipment, install the equipment from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok if necessary.
  • We provide you with an additional service, for example, garbage removal instead of other contractors, if they could not organize it themselves.
  • You can introduce modifications in your order concerning both products assortment (if some materials are out of stock we will find the way to solve this case), and pricing – we will provide a 30% discount on the production of samples (except as tooling manufacturing, the cost of which exceeds the cost of samples, for example, press-mould tools, matrixes, etc.).
  • We really make all efforts to reach an agreement with our clients on mutually rewarding terms.
  • We create technologies. If you need something that we don’t offer –we will make it happen. You name it-we make it.
  • We are trusted by such customers as “Svyaznoy”/«Связной», “Samsung”, “Volkswagen Group”, “Enter”, “Canon”, “Linii Lubvi” / «Линии Любви» and so on.