For Advertising agencies

Fresh company’s main objective is manufacturing of furniture and point of sales materials production. We are pleased to provide services for the production of the items you need. If you need to settle a contract with subcontractors but you are loaded with work, or if you received incorrect order from the customer, please contact us and we ensure you that our cooperation will be useful and beneficial for you.

 If you have any questions, you can always contact our managers by phone or email.


About the company: the manufacturing space is 6 000 sq.m., the average headcount of staff – 140 people. The location of a manufacturing space- Kostroma city (330 km from Moscow).


Today industrial Park includes modern manufacturing equipment:

MDF machining area, laminated chipboard, veneer sheet, plastic HPL:


5 CNC production centers for nesting plate materials

1 CNC plate materials cutting center

6 panel sizing saws

5 filler drill units

2 milling machines

6 vacuum press machines for the manufacture of roll-formed parts from MDF

3 edgebanders for line parts

2 edgebanders machines for curved parts


Mature technologies:

Our company produces all types of work on Laminated chip board and MDF – sawing, curve sawing “nesting”, admixture, PVC lining. We offer assembling any cabinet furniture, manufacturing of nonlinear elements from MDF, assembling of monolithic and large-sized structures from MDF, lining of panels and solid structures with veneer and HPL plastics.


Coating area of MDF, veneer sheet, plastic:


7 dyeing and drying stoves for painting MDF (in quantity of 3 000 sq.m. per month)

6 compressors with a professional fine air purification system

Full set of grinding and polishing equipment for production sites


Mature technologies:


Our company provides a full range of works on dyeing MDF and plastic products such as grinding, priming, painting, varnishing, and polishing. We offer painting service for separate elements (facades, panels, shelves, other furniture parts) as well as for large-sized and solid constructions from MDF. We use imported paint materials and guarantee high quality of provided services.


Glass processing area:

1 double-sided (24 spindle) CNC (Computer numeric control) machine for straight turning processing of the glass edge

1-sided straight edge glass processing machine

1 edge processing machine for curvilinear parts

1 oven for glass sheet bending and production of bent parts

1 vacuum hot press for production of a triplex


Mature technologies:

We offer such technologies as curvilinear and rectilinear glass cutting, glass edging (facet), drilling holes, assembly of glued products (UV-splice), manufacturing of bent glass elements, protective covering with films (protection class A2), UV printing on glass, Production of a triplex (triplex with photographic printing is available).

​​Faux stone processing area:

We have at our disposal a complete set of tools and devices for the producing furniture items and interior details from faux stone such as countertops, window sills and etc.  We guarantee seamless connection of all elements.

Facades of sliding-door wardrobes and aluminum profile processing area:

We have at our disposal a complete set of tools and devices for the producing of the facades of sliding-door wardrobes and assembly of aluminum profiles structures.


Park of equipment for advertising manufacturing:


Plastics processing area: acryl, PVC, PET, aluminum composite panels, advertising pressure-sensitive films:


1 CNC machining center for cutting of plate materials

1 panel-sizing saw

1 vacuum hot press for plastic molding

1 machine for 3D cutting of foam plastic

3 laser cutting machines for plastics

1 pass-through type machine for plastic coating lamination

3 machines for plastic bending (strings)

1 plotter for cutting of advertising films

A set of equipment for the manufacturing of products from molded plastic


Mature technologies:

We offer all types of services such as assembly of advertising constructions, curvilinear and rectilinear cutting of plate advertising materials, plastic bending, laser cutting, CNC cutting “nesting”, plotter cutting of films, lamination, knurling of promo films, protective coating of glass with films (protection class A2). We provide our clients with assembling and manufacturing of any promotional products: POS materials, plastic products, light boxes, 3D logos and letters, pilot samples of products, stands for goods outlay and so on. Our team of designers is ready to help with creative solutions for your POS materials. We also offer vacuum molding of plastic, production of 3D plastic details, with subsequent painting, 3D cutting of polystyrene, production of 3D large-sized plastic products.


Large-format printing area:

4 large-format printers Mimaki

1 large-format UV-printer Mimaki


Mature technologies:

We offer a large-format printing with a width of up to 2,600 mm, resolution of 1440 dpi, UV- printing on films and board materials up to a width of 1,600 mm, resolution of 1200 dpi.