For designers

Fresh offers a full range of advertising services such as elaboration of the technical issues of your project and select the optimal assembly schemes, all the types of suitable materials of items you need.

We are ready to take the full implementation of your projects, because we are experienced in realization of “turn-key projects” and have “two-in-one” enterprise with furniture and point of sales materials production. You do not have to spend your time searching for several contractors responsible for repairing the premises, installation of  anti-shop lifting, manufacturing of the commercial equipment, producing advertising medium and POS materials, coordinating and monitoring their work.

Realizing the importance of making prototypes of your advertising media, POS materials and commercial equipment, before launching items into the series, we provide you a 30% discount on its production (except tooling manufacturing, the cost of which exceeds the cost of samples, for example, press-mould tools, matrixes, etc.).

We work fast. It takes from 5 to 15 working days to elaborate the prototypes of items as to the customer’s sketches.

We create technologies. If you need something that we don’t offer –we will make it happen. You name it-we make it.