Retail store equipment

 A modern store is not just a place where a person buys things he needs, it’s a special world that we get to every day, making purchases. It is very important that we can feel comfortable and cozy in this world, so that the atmosphere of the trade area would please the buyer and he will come back. Therefore, it is very important to create all areas of its space carefully: the design of the room, the lighting system, and, of course, the commercial and advertising equipment. After all, the commercial success of the store depends on how the product will be presented to the buyer. It seems unattainable without attractive, functional and convenient trading equipment. Wide range of windows displays, counters, shopping stands create comfortable atmosphere for customers and their purchases in the store.

Of course, you can buy ready-made versions of commercial equipment, it’s faster and as a rule much cheaper, but if you want to create your own well-known store, your own Brand, which will be remembered and appreciated by customers, then you cannot do without development of your own design trading units. It will help to become a well -known trademark; moreover it will increase the solidity and significance of your brand in the eyes of the customers, and as a consequence, the effectiveness of the company.

The key point is to find a reliable supplier, who can provide you with the development of your own project, produce high-quality materials and manage to accomplish your order on time. Our company is engaged in manufacturing of any kinds of commercial equipment required for non-food stores. We combine the production of furniture and manufactured articles, we can produce retail equipment which can be functional for goods display and at the same time be an attractive advertising medium for its promotion.


Completed projects
Samsung Москва ТЦ Горбушка
Связной С-Пб ТЦ Питерленд